Road Signs

always remember that the Hare lost the race

you were thinking, weren't you?

get your eyes back on the road now

altruism works

step outside the box

..but you can shout out the window

don't shoot the sign

stop shooting the stop sign

slow down.. to take a decent picture

what language do you understand?

..of the people, by the people, for the people

it's his Workplace

half sitting - half standing is ok

we are punctual.. generally speaking

..but spitting on the road is ok

well mannered discrimination

not all those who wander are lost

we love Canada save you from falling bridge

mind you.. it was modern when it was built

Mother Nature having some dust fun

don't get shot by a man animal

Drive.. don't just watch

use caution.. there are troopers

no you are not back in time

decline and incline ..or.. is it incline and decline

mad driving skills needed

you spotted the sea level

who said Congress doesn't create anything

climate change might force us to change the dates

listing what all is allowed might be easier

why the face?

real camera only.. no iPhone please

who came up with that super creative name

what's in a name.. well, you will know once you invite someone to this town

only in California

move on.. it's just a creek

say it a few times and you will get it

don't be scared

if you got Talent take a turn

you have been looking at all the wrong places

real life stories

feel free to browse

no no there's no hurricane ahead

you might try and ask for a sandwich

even in summer

every road was new.. at least once


need to change with the times

yes they are there

need Tea?

cottonwood and weed - we love our plants

if you didn't know it, you know now

yeah 10,000 dollars

be very careful

too much salt is bad for health anyways

totten with a t

is there a detour for Republicans

no you cannot go that way even if you want to

it's beer alright

..was a long time ago though

1 mile to 1

Grand Army of the Republic Highway


did you enjoy as much as I did?

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  1. I have been laughing like crazy! Thank you so much - I think you've inspired me to start taking pictures of all the signs I see :D

    1. Thanks !! and Yes I would love to see those pics :)

  2. Thats an extensive list of road sign! I love it!

  3. What a great collection of signs - and what a way to tell a story! Awesome!

  4. Haha, what a great post! Loved the espresso and free puppy sign. I’m a fan of road sign as well, and have a bunch of them from our road trips in Australia.

    1. Yes they are a great way to remember a place..

  5. This really made my day lol I never thought about how different road signs are all over the place. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Having lived in America before, some of the signs are extreme...but VERY funny!

  7. I also love taking pictures pf road signs! Love it!

  8. Haha very fun post, I'm enjoying reading this signs a lot. I hope there will be second part because i cant get enough of this :)

    1. Ok I am on it. Thanks for words of encouragement. Glad you enjoyed :)

  9. Did you take these? Haha it's a really interesting post! Maybe you can do another post on store names or something!

    1. Yes I did take these .. and it was as much fun capturing these as it's now reading them again :) Store Names hmm thats an interesting idea I will look into it and maybe start locally in LosAngeles.

  10. I seriously can't type right now because off laughing so hard. I wonder if people really follow these road rules when they are laughable in the first place. Lol

  11. I always play the road sign game on road trips!! I love all the photos!! I forgot how many different road signs there really can be!!:) great blog btw

  12. I couldn't stop laughing, America has some pretty whack signs especially the one where virtually everything was prohibited! I agree with you it might be easier listing what is actually allowed!

    1. Yes thats the first thought that came to my mind when I saw that :)

  13. Such a funny post. You have lot of road signs there in the US, that we do not have here in the Philippines. Your post is funny and educational at the same time.

  14. It may have taken you a several miles and gallons of gasoline to collect these funny road signs, haha!

    I liked the most your photo w/ the caption "mad driving skills needed" and "keep your children on your table"

    1. Yes indeed but I love to travel so more the better :)

  15. These is quite a collection of funny signs. I haven't been to America to see any of these but I did see some really cool "stop" ones in Napoli, Italy.

  16. Cool photos. Some of these are hilarious. Seems you have done a lot of hard work capturing them.

    Fatima |

  17. Road signs are literally so different and weird country by country.

    1. Yes indeed and that's why they are so much fun to see and capture and then go thru them later :)

  18. That's quite a collection of signs:) espresso and free puppy is the funniest one

  19. Haha, I love this post. My favourite one is "unattended kids will be given espresso and a puppy"

  20. Some of these are absolutely funny! I love them! It would be fun trying to find all of them!

  21. Woah.. Such a huge collection of sign boards. I know these boards are pretty much confusing than helping most of the times. I wonder what those talent and hope sign boards are really meant to be ;)

    1. You might be surprised to know that both "Talent" and "Hope" are names of the cities and so is "No Name" :)

    2. That really sounds interesting. Thanks for letting me know :)

  22. These boards are pretty funny, they're making me laugh. I'll be confioused and laugh at the same time if I have to drive and pass these boards, not to mention the one with random signs on one board ��

  23. I see this for the first time and I love those: Hope, Talent. It's very interesting and so creative. Thank you for letting me know.