11 Tweet-Worthy Tips for Authentic Travel Experience

Let’s start with shedding some light (preferably sunlight as it’s one of the authentic sources of light.. won’t you say)  on what it means when someone says “Authentic Travel”

The English Dictionary says: not false or copied; genuine; real:

So if your friend visited Statue of Liberty and then you liked the idea and visited too. Is that copying? not genuine? or unreal? 

You see where I am going. Authenticity in the context of travel is tricky because you are you and the way you see that Statue of Liberty is your own unique way no matter how many millions have seen it before. 

For me Authenticity in travel reflects the idea that you got to know the place, not just its beauty and attractions but it’s  imperfections and peculiarities as well. You got to taste the local cuisine and at least try to make an effort to know the local culture, traditions, and practices.You got to respect the people and the environment for what they are and try to see the world from a different point of view. 

Are you bored yet? Oops sorry, I just went with the flow. Ok ok coming back to my promised tweet-worthy tips. 

Before you wander off ... let me assure you that each of these tips is no longer than a tweet (140 characters max!) 

#1. Wander aimlessly for a while.. You will see what you never intended to see

Authentic Travel Tips
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

#2. Cars are cool but getting out of your car and walking is super cool too and yeah nowadays it's hip as well

Authentic Travel Tips
Santa Monica, California

#3. WoW, I just love your camera! but can you please keep it down for a minute or two while you look up and actually “see”

Authentic Travel Tips
Santa Monica, California

#4. Do all the regular tourist stuff but please make some time to get out and wander around. Oh and be prepared to be disappointed sometimes too

Authentic Travel Tips
Foamhenge, Virginia

#5. Try booking single nights at different locations. I know check-in and check-out can be pain but then you can see these as multiple trips

Authentic Travel Tips
Salton Sea, California

#6. See if you can plan to attend some local festivals or cultural events. You might get lucky and get to taste some authentic food as well

Authentic Travel Tips
Street Food, India

#7. Talk is cheap they say, I say well let’s talk then. Talk w/ Strangers, Talk w/ locals, Talk w/ all and everyone. Just make sure “Talk Nice”

Authentic Travel Tips
Barcelona, Spain

#8. Don’t forget to Smile and say “Hello”. Please practice saying “Please” and “Thank You” too.. yeah, basic Kindergarten stuff!

Authentic Travel Tips
Amsterdam, Netherlands

#9. Patience is a virtue and even if it wasn’t what’s the harm in trying when you know being cranky will only make things worse

Authentic Travel Tips
London, UK

#10. Yes do your homework and prepare well but just don’t over analyze things. Remember “Analysis kills spontaneity.”

Authentic Travel Tips
Midnight Sun in Alaska

#11. Keep in touch with local bloggers on Twitter or Instagram or even Facebook. Always remember how you landed up here to get such valuable tips!!!

Authentic Travel Tips
Rome, Italy

Well, I should add the last one and in essence, this is the one that really matters: "Have fun and make some memories

I am sure you checked to see if I exceeded 140 characters limit for any of these tips. Didn't find any I bet... or did you?  

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  1. You have some great tips! I agree some people should put down the camera and really look at the place. Someone once told me that the best way to travel is like a local not a tourist because then you are really discovering a place rather than just doing everything that's popular. Really awesome post. :)